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Feb 20-March 4                                Awesome Israel!                                                      Tour IS32

MAY 2015

May 15-26                                          Awesome Israel!                                                     Tour IS33

May 18-23                        Palmyra to Kirtland with Niagara Falls Canada                     Tour N68

May 23-29                               Missouri to Nauvoo to Winter Quarters                        Tour M79

May 30-June 6             Sharon-Palmyra-Kirtland with Karl Ricks Anderson                 Tour KA14

JUNE 2015

June 8-19                                                 The Grand Tour                                                   Tour GT17
(Palmyra-Kirtland AND Missouri-Nauvoo-Winter Quarters)

June 15-26                                                 The Grand Tour                                                   Tour GT17B
(Palmyra-Kirtland AND Missouri-Nauvoo-Winter Quarters)

June 15-20                     Palmyra to Kirtland with Niagara Falls Canada                         Tour N69

June 20-26                                    Missouri to Nauvoo to Winter Quarters                        Tour M80

JULY 2015

July 25-31                              Missouri to Nauvoo to Winter Quarters                               Tour M81
(with TWO pageants–Nauvoo Pageant and British Pageant!)


August 23-Sept 2         England & Wales – LDS British Isles & Bible Translators            Tour E11

August 24-29                           TREK to ZION – Winter Quarters to Salt Lake                   Tour T03


September 12-19                Sharon-Palmyra-Kirtland with Karl Ricks Anderson               Tour KA15

September 21-October 2                             The Grand Tour                                              Tour GT18
(Palmyra-Kirtland AND Missouri-Nauvoo-Winter Quarters)


October 5-10                   Palmyra to Kirtland with Niagara Falls Canada                           Tour N70

October 10-16                            Missouri to Nauvoo to Winter Quarters                             Tour M83


November 27-December 9                            Awesome Israel!                                               Tour IS34

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TREK to ZION – Winter Quarters to Salt Lake

NEW TOUR!  Fabulous 6-day bus tour following the Mormon Trail from Winter Quarters through Nebraska and Wyoming to the Salt Lake Valley.  Weave stories from the journals of those who took this journey on foot and by wagon to fulfill their dream of building Zion and living in peace in the Rocky Mountains.  These humbling tales of miracles and blessings by far surpass the heartbreaks of this arduous journey–you will be amazed at and inspired by the sacrifices and great faith in our pioneer heritage.  Click here for details for Tour T02…

Palmyra New York-Kirtland – Tour I

Palmyra to Kirtland Tours cover the sites in the areas of Palmyra, Fayette, Harmony and Kirtland.  Tours include the first night at Niagara Falls, Canada to enjoy some sightseeing before beginning the Church history portion of the tour.  Click here to see tour schedule & more details…

Missouri-Illinois-Iowa-Winter Quarters – Tour II

Missouri/Nauvoo Tours lasting six days cover Missouri’s prophetic and historic sites, Nauvoo/Carthage, the Iowa Pioneer Trial, and Winter Quarters.   Click here to see tour schedule & more details…

Grand Tour:  Tour I Palmyra New York-Kirtland WITH Tour II Missouri-Illinois-Iowa-Winter Quarters – Tour III

Combine Tours I and II into a twelve-day adventure experiencing the sites of tours I and II.  Saves hundreds over doing each tour separately by saving one round-trip airline flight.  Superb value!  Click here to see tour schedule & more details…

SHARON VERMONT to KIRTLAND OHIO with Karl Ricks Anderson

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to tour these memorable sites with the incredible Karl Ricks Anderson.  An Institute instructor/director, bishop, stake president, area authority, patriarch, author and historian, Brother Anderson is highly qualified to present this important history in a delightful and thorough manner.  We’ll begin in Sharon Vermont where the prophet Joseph Smith was born to a faithful, loving family.  We’ll visit the humble cabin site, the magnificent monument dedicated to the prophet of the restoration, and family sites in the immediate vicinity.  Then on to beautiful upstate New York to visit several very important sites of the early Saints (South Bainbridge, Colesville, Harmony) and where the restoration began with Joseph’s vision in Palmyra.  Then on to Kirtland sites for two and a half days learning of the magnificent events that took place there.  Afternoon visit and boat ride at Niagara Falls USA; Palmyra Temple session; Kirtland Temple tour–amazing 8 days!  Click here for more info…

A Week in KIRTLAND with Karl Ricks Anderson

Experience Kirtland like never before.  Spend six enjoyable and inspiring days with Karl Ricks Anderson in and around the Kirtland area.  Learn of the crucial early days of the Restoration and heavenly manifestations experienced in this area.  Amazing, in-depth study of Joseph Smith and Doctrine & Covenants revelations received in the Kirtland area with this fabulous author, lecturer, patriarch.  Karl Anderson is the world’s leading authority on Kirtland.  THIS TOUR IS NOT OFFERED EVERY YEAR – Don’t miss this incredible, unique opportunity!  Deluxe lodging, outstanding meals, inspiring presentations.  See more details…

Awesome Israel!

Awesome it truly is to be where Jesus Christ was born, grew up, taught, performed so many miracles, was crucified, and then after three days resurrected in triumph over all his enemies on earth and in hell.  It is the land of Old and New Testament prophets.  Experience meaningful scriptures where they happened: Elijah’s duel on the top of Mt Carmel, the Savior’s words on the Mount of Beatitudes, in a beautiful wooden boat on the Sea of Galilee, at Capernaum, in the Mount of Olives amphitheater overlooking Jerusalem (just to name a few!).  Bear testimony of the Savior at a special devotional service at the Garden Tomb.  Sites visited: Joppa, Netanya, Caesarea, Haifa, Mt Carmel, Armageddon, Megiddo, Nazareth, Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan, Jordan River, Beit Shean, Jericho, Dead Sea, Qumran, Masada fortress, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Bethany and more!  Enjoy inspiring presentations and scriptures throughout this life-changing journey experiencing Awesome Israel!  See more details…

England & Wales – Early Church History

An exciting 11-day tour to England to celebrate and honor the mission to England of the early Apostles.  Learn of the immense successes of these incredibly faithful men at sites such as the Benbow Farm, among others.  Exciting opportunity to enjoy the crucial early Church history in England and the great harvest that took place there.  Also, enjoy England’s own history while visiting elegant castles, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, etc., on your free days.  Exceptionally knowledgeable historians and experienced tour guides, Richard Lambert & Bill Rowley have created and will host this unique tour which is available nowhere else!  See more details…

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